Ace Your Next Exam!

It’s 8 a.m. and as the teacher passes out the exams you can feel the anxiety rise up from your stomach like heartburn after bad pizza. Taking tests can be very unsettling, but test day stress can be lessened, or even eliminated, by utilizing some helpful test taking strategies. What you do before, during and after a test will determine how well you score and how relaxed you are going into it. There are countless test taking tips that are good guidelines for doing your best on any given exam.

You may think you know how to study for a test, but these simple tricks could help you improve your scores and ease your mind. Develop these test taking skills and strategies and you will be an expert on knowing how to ace a test in no time at all.

Tips for Test Taking


  1. Catch some zzzs!Get some sleep, people! Of course you will be groggy and unfocused running on 2 hours of sleep and a venti cappuccino, so avoid falling asleep and drooling on your test (embarrassing) and get a good night’s sleep the night before your test. Be sure to set your alarm with plenty of time to get up, eat and get out the door. Also, setting a backup alarm isn’t a bad idea!
  2. Eat!Don’t let a growling tummy distract you from focusing on your test. Making sure you eat a healthy, balanced meal is one test taking strategy that will yield noticeable results. Stay away from fatty, sugary foods and stick with healthy choices such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products. Oatmeal with berries and skim milk is a perfect combination to power you through your test!
  3. Plan ahead!Don’t wait until the night before your test to begin studying. Once the class begins, start planning out when and where you’ll study so you’re not left cramming into the wee hours of the morning the night before a big test. Stress is probably the biggest complaint of test takers and it can easily be lessened by proper planning, time management and refusal to procrastinate.

“Marker” by Robin Cook

Book Title: Marker

Author: Robin Cook

This hypnotic fast-paced thriller can certainly rate itself as one of Robin Cook’s best. Once again, the shadowy underbelly of society confronts medical science to produce a suspenseful tale that will leave you gripped till the end.

Set in the heart of New York, Marker sets us on the hunt for a mysterious killer lurking in Manhattan’s General Hospital. Without warning or explanation, young healthy patients mysteriously die within hours of operation. The incidents catch the attention of medical examiner Laurie Montgomery who begins to pursue a seemingly cold trail. Woven into the dense fibers of this mystery are the loosening threads of Laurie’s personal relationship with fellow examiner Jack Stapleton.

The novel deals not only with the ethical debate over the role of commercialism exploiting the scientific advances in genetic screening but also explores the basis of modern relationships and the reluctance of individuals to take personal responsibility. Cook also takes a swipe at the conservative militants prevalent in American society by skillfully casting the central villain as a gun-toting discharged American soldier.

Written in a concise yet engaging tone, one cannot help but feel engulfed by the plot and its characters. The simple prose propels the story alone with incredible fluidity whilst the dramatic irony maintains a powerful tension. We are left constantly confounded with unresolved dilemmas and fears for the protagonist. The realistic settings also bring this novel an added dimension of credibility.

For those who have enjoyed watching shows like Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, House and ER, this novel is a must read.

Marker is published in Australia by Pan Macmillan Australia.

Remember to Forget

Blogging about self-development has its own rewards – I get to keep my mind focused on great minds, successful people, ideas, and processes. Constantly updating my mental database and refreshing my thoughts is a great way to spend time.

After a brief vacation away from blogging, I came to realize again what I already knew. One must live his life to write about his life. While blogging (previously, journal writing to only myself) is a great fall-back-onto hobby of mine, something I always go back and do no matter what, I have taken some time to just relish life. Golf, cafés, mountain treks, friends, pubs, time with the wife, etc. Doing these things revitalizes my blogging desire because I forget about blogging (ambition) and live in the moment (peace/contentment).

Remember to Forget.

Remember to forget about doing what seems like the brightest path to walk down. Take a couple detours to really see the world you live in. Head back to reality from the golden fields and ivory towers we sometimes construct for ourselves to keep only the positive and the successful on our minds. Sometimes I believe we have to step out and establish these ivory towers in the middle of the worst things imaginable, the most horrible fears. We have to give the Midas Touch to the world and not just live in our towers with the gold and never spread it to the outside world.

When I first was introduced to the Law of Attraction, I thought that I had to be in the White House or on Wall Street to feel its benefits. Then, after a while and much skepticism for this “Law”, I realized that successful people and places can be found in the most unlikely places.

Remember to Forget everything you have learned for a while. Just for a little.