Objectivity In Your Essay

When students learn to mentally push themselves ah according to the writers that’s what I was looking for looking for that objectivity and you can see here they mix it up a little bit they put it inside the sentence so that works well it kind of breaks up that both men and in gutting many writers so they’re changing things around trying to keep things interesting for the reader and but they do pick up on mentally push themselves and that is going to be the division striving for the best and then sure enough they bring in the their thesis right there with the idea of continued development good going over a lot here this is a really important section probably something that most of you guys need to work on. Find out what sections of essay are the most important to revision at Edusson.

So I’m definitely going to pause here and what you want to do now is take a look at your thesis statement and considering what we’ve just reviewed I want you to work on revising it seen what can you take out how can you make it more specific specifically work on your topic sentences oftentimes what’s needed is to move from this where you’re stating your own position to this whether you’re using rapport discourse that distance yourself also remember to include those two things in your topic sentence a reference back to your thesis and a reference back to your division so I’m gonna pause it now it’s going to take a little while for you to work through this many students I’ve had students in class take out their thesis statements and their topic sentences because that’s all you should be looking for now you should be looking just at your thesis statement which probably last sentence in your introduction and in going to each of your topic sentences probably the first sentences in each of your paragraphs and just working on them you’re not looking at your entire paragraph you’re not looking at your entire essay right now you’re just kind of looking at the skeleton or the framing of the scaffolding of the essay to see how well the organization is holding up again.

Many students just copy out and paste into a different document so they can look at it separately and then move it back in once they’ve revised it so let me pause here give you guys a chance to work on that and you can come back in we’re going to start working on explaining things in more detail okay hope you spent some time on revising your thesis and topic senses and now you’re ready to move on to another part of revising your essay we’re going to start now with defining a topic sentence and then move from that probably to organizing paragraphs examples explaining quotes and in painting the picture and that’ll end us up for now so let’s start with defining topic sentence this is where you’re going to start supplying some information for the reader now you’re going to start helping out the writer the source material that you’ve used helped make it clearer for the reader.